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Computer Science 12

Tutorials on

Microsoft PowerPoint

Week 1: General tutorials on Microsoft PowerPoint

Below are some general tutorials on Microsoft PowerPoint:

Below are some tutorials on bullet points in PowerPoint:

Below are some tutorials on tables in PowerPoint:

Below are some tutorials on PowerPoint's drawing and graphics tools:

In your PowerPoint assignment, you will be asked to compare at least two of PowerPoint's drawing tools with at least two of Scratch's drawing tools. Regarding Scratch's drawing tools, see: Paint Editor, including 9. Bitmap Tools and 10. Vector Tools.

For more information about vector graphics (a.k.a. "object-oriented" graphics) vs. raster graphics (a.k.a. bitmap graphics or pixel-based graphics), see also:.

Note that PowerPoint has a separate set of "ink" tools as well as "drawing" tools. The "ink" tools -- which pertain to all Microsoft Office applications, not just PowerPoint -- are discussed in tutorials below:

PowerPoint's "drawing" tools can be used with an ordinary old-fashioned keyboard and mouse on a desktop or laptop, whereas the "ink" tools are intended to be used with a touch screen with pen input on a tablet. Your slideshow should be primarily about the "drawing" tools, NOT the "ink" tools, although, if there happen to be any "ink" tools similar to the particular "drawing" tools you've chosen, you should briefly mention the relevant "ink" tools too, clearly distinguishing between each "drawing" tool and its corresponding "ink" tool.

(Because this course requires you to use a desktop or laptop, but not a tablet, you are NOT required to learn how to USE the "ink" tools, but only to be aware of their existence.)

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Week 8: Tutorials on PowerPoint animations

Below are some tutorials on PowerPoint animations and transitions:

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