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Computer Science 12

Text-based online chat platforms

We will be using both of the following chat media:

Basic Zulip how-to, and rules for our Zulip chatroom

A Zulip chatroom is organized into streams, similar to channels on some other chat sites..

Once you've registered and then reached the main chat area, here's how to access the streams:

Important information about particular streams:

On the left panel, you should see the following streams: "assignments," "class sessions," "general," "learning to use Zulip," and a stream whose name begins with "private:", followed by your name. If you don't have a "private" stream, please let me know!

Topics within a stream, and how to post a chat message:

Note: The chat log is not permanent!:

We are using a free Zulip account, which holds only a limited number of messages. Therefore, we may need to clean it out periodically.

Note: Please do not upload files to Zulip!:

Because of the limited amount of space on a free Zulip account, please do not upload files to Zulip. Instead, if you want to show me a file during our class session, email it to:


Private messages:

Private messages per se will probably be disabled most of the time (mainly to avoid having inaccessible messages that I can't clean out), but you have a private stream instead.


Once you are familiar with Zulip chat, you may (optionally) want to download the relevant Zulip app for more convenient use on your smartphone or your laptop/desktop.

D. Nixon: CS 12 > Tutorials